These hashtags have sparked conversations, inspired change and brought awareness to important issues we’ve faced. Artists were invited to visualize a single hashtag in any medium of their choice, to be displayed in an integrated gallery experience.

“Hashtags capture the most memorable moments in our culture, and I wanted to find a unique way for people to experience how they’ve shaped our world.”
— Kim Goulbourne, Founder of Bourn

The idea for Hashtags Unplugged started in 2014 with Bourn’s creation of hshtags, a social media search engine powered by hashtags, a tool for organizing conversations on social media platforms. Hshtags inspired Kim Goulbourne, the mind behind Bourn, to reach out to select artists for their visual reflections on the year’s hashtags, resulting in an online year-in-review exhibition called This Year in Hashtags.

The exhibition was well received, and sparked Goulbourne to expand the concept with a wider range of artists, including those using physical media.  

That vision is finally coming to life in the upcoming exhibition Hashtags Unplugged, where Bourn has selected the work of 25 diverse artists to be displayed in an integrated gallery experience.